Understanding the file structure of Inqlude

Prior the implementation of the initial prototype, it was required to have a clear understanding of the existing file structure and code of the repository. The project repository can be found here. This is written in Ruby along wih few other technologies to implement several features.The types of technologies used are,

  • Ruby for implementing the logic
  • JavaScript and CSS for font end development
  • Rspec for Behavioural Driven Development

The project repository consists of the inqlude command line client and inqlude website. The main logical implmentation can be found in scripts at `lib` directory. 

The `data` main directory contains two exmaple patches for a manifest.

The format of the JSON files for manifests are defined at `schema` directory. That contains three example manifests for `generic manifest`, `release manifest` and `proprietary release manifest`.

Rspec testing is implemented at scripts in `spec` directory. This consists of unit testing, integration testing. Some exmaple data is added to a folder called `data` inside this directory.

The `view` directory contains the scripts for the views of the inqlude website. 

Every code segment that is logically implemented at scripts in `lib` directory are tested using test cases at scripts in `spec` directory. 

There are main classes for library, manifest, manifest_handler, cli, json_object, verifier, view, settings etc. 

The inqlude command line commands are easy to use. More information about inqlude commands are found in one of my previous blog posts. 

Testing the modifications for the website can be easily viewed using static html files that are generated using `inqlude view` command.

Yet coding is fun with Ruby ..... Looking forward to lots of contributions ....


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