Project Work Flow

Project Resources

  1. GitHub repository of command line client for independent Qt library archive
  2. GitHub repository of library meta data for independent Qt library archive
  3. Inqlude project on KDE's Phabricator
  4. Workboard

Resources for design work flow


Product Design Sprint

A Product Design Sprint is a technique to quickly design, prototype, and test the viability of an idea, product, or feature. We are applying that knid of design thinking inspired approach to the design and implementation of the new navigation structure of Inqlude. It consists of six phases: Understand, Diverge, Converge, Prototype, Test, Implement.

1. Understand

The first phase frames the project. It's about understanding who and what needs should be addressed and what is the context. It's about empathy with the user.

2. Diverge

The second phase is about creating ideas how to address the needs of the users. It's about quantity, about thinking broad and wide, about generating a lot of input in a short time.

3. Converge

The third phase is about consolidating ideas and distilling realistic solutions. This includes taking deciding about solutions.

4. Prototype

The fourth phase is about creating something which can be tested.

5. Test

The fifth phase is about testing and learning.

6. Implement

The sixth phase is about deciding on the final solution and implementing it.


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