Finding new releases

Finding new releases of Qt libraries can be quite challenging. Some libraries have no releases, whereas other libraries are updated and new versions are released often. Later type of libraries have stable releases which come with some release process, testing, release notes and announcement.

The libraries which have not released anything yet are marked as unstable in Inqlude and they only use the generic manifest. The libraries which have specific releases consist of a release manifest for each release.

In most cases, home page of the project announces the releases. Some projects have releases indicated in their version controlling system too. All of this would depend on the project.

Listed below are some ways to find new releases of Qt libraries.

1. Project home page

There are some projects that announce releases on their home page. For eg: Qtav library announces all the releases under 'News' section at its home page.

2. API documentations

Some projects have API documentations where you can find the new releases. For eg: Qoauth library has api docs for each release.

3. GitHub

Projects which use GitHub display their releases in the releases page of GitHub project. For eg: Injeqt library has all the releases shown at its releases page.

4. GitLab

There are projects which use GitLab. For eg: You can find the latest version of Qdatacube library on its GitLab Project page. Other than that, GitLab 8.2 now supports releases as in GitHub.

5. SourceForge

There are some projects on SourceForge that have a releases page. Some have patches. You could easily find the latest stable release there. For eg: QScintilla library has its latest release indicated in the title of its documentation page at SourceForge.

6. Bitbucket

There are several projects on Bitbucket as well. You could find the latest stable release in Tagssection at Overview page. For eg: qjsonrpc library has its releases defined under different tags at its Overview page.

7. Forums

There are some projects that announce their releases on different types of forums like Google group, Qt forum or any kind of project specific forums. For eg: ff7tk announces its releases Forums.

Links to the above sources of a specific Qt library can be found at the relevant web page of the library in Inqlude. Otherwise you can find a JSON file available at, where you can find all the links to above sources of Qt libraries.

Once you find a new release of a Qt library, you are always welcome to contribute a new patch of the manifest file for inqlude-data library archive.


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