Manifest Updater

One big task of our project was to add a new categorization based on topics for libraries. By analysing the libraries, we categorized them into different topics. We came up with an initial draft for that in an Excel sheet. That can be found here.

Then we cleaned it further into a csv file. Once we are done with that, we required to update the manifests with new data. But updating metadata of 204 libraries is not an easy task which can be done manualy, beacuse there are several manifest files inside each library. So we required some mechanism to automate this process of adding topics into the libaraies.

I came up with an idea to develop a node.js tool to add topics to the manifests automatically. This tool can be found here.

The tool contains a node.js program to update the manifests with topics from the `topics.csv` file. The tool can be run by following the instructions given below.

  • Install node.js and npm.
  • Copy the library folders that contain the manifest files required to be updated and paste them at manifests directory and update_manifests directory.
  • Run npm install from this directory.
  • Then run node app.js from this directory.
  • You will find the updated manifests at update_manifests directory.

Several important things are required to be noted here.

  • You should have the `topics.csv` file in the same directory that contains `app.js`.
  • Having the manifest files at `manifests` directory is adequate, but make sure that you have the same library folder structure at both `manifests` directory and `update_manifests` directory.
  • Also make sure that you have the details for the required update activity at `topics.csv`.

Using this tool, we could easily update all the manifests with metadata about the topics that they belong to. With this, we finished another milestone of the project.


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